Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift is the right choice of treatment for those who despite trying hard and following strict fitness regime is not achieving desired results. It is a popular cosmetic procedure that tightens and tones your thigh to make it look appealing. Thigh Lift is perfect for people with saggy and flabby thighs aspiring for a firmer and more proportionate look. It is usually performed on people who have shed a great amount of weight. It is an outpatient procedure performed under anaesthesia and lasts for about two hours. The surgery involves making a cut to eliminate excess loose skin and fat to reshape the thighs giving it a firmer appearance. There are mainly two types of thigh lift: Inner thigh lift incision and outer thigh lift incision and based on the patient’s individual needs the treatment is executed flawlessly by the surgeon. At Meeraz Clinic, our specialized surgeons with significant experience offer personalized treatment to all our esteemed clients. Our doctors examine the patient carefully, study their medical history and accordingly proceed with the most suitable option. We have a reputation for delivering natural-looking and impeccable results.

Best Candidates for Thigh Lift Surgery

  • People with loose and soft tissues in the inner thigh area.
  • People who can maintain a stable weight.
  • People with good health condition.
  • Non-smokers are non-drinkers are ideal candidates.
  • People who lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly.
At Meeraz Clinic, our aim is to deliver the best skincare, and cosmetic treatments to all our esteemed clients. We believe in providing excellent patient care and are centre is equipped with world class state of the art technologies. We are committed to serving you with best-in-class solutions for all your skin requirements. Our team of expert surgeons will evaluate your skin condition, medical history and then proceed with the treatment.

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