Brow Lift

Brow Lift

Did you observe those horizontal lines on your forehead while you talk or the vertical creases between your eyebrows? Does this appearance of fines lines trouble you? Its time that you consider a brow lift. A Brow Lift or Forehead Lift is a cosmetic procedure performed to lift the eyebrows for a youthful appearance and for correcting the signs of ageing. It can tighten your sagging brows, smooth forehead wrinkles and fine lines, removes eyebrow hooding etc to regain a refreshed, youthful look on the face. The brow lift procedure is conducted under anaesthesia. The process involves removing excess tissues, skin and muscle that causes the brow to droop or furrow making the forehead smooth with reduced fine lines and raised brow. Lastly, the surgeon will close the incision with sutures. There are various brow lift techniques and depending on your surgery goals your doctor will recommend the most suitable one. At Meeraz Clinic, our surgeons are expert in facial procedures and have helped numerous patients regain younger-looking skin. Our doctors will examine your complete forehead region, take into consideration your present health condition and medical history and then proceed with the most appropriate treatment. We are consistently delivering natural results and are treatment can add years to your appearance.

At Meeraz Clinic, our aim is to deliver the best skincare, and cosmetic treatments to all our esteemed clients. We believe in providing excellent patient care and are centre is equipped with world class state of the art technologies. We are committed to serving you with best-in-class solutions for all your skin requirements. Our team of expert surgeons will evaluate your skin condition, medical history and then proceed with the treatment.

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