Why Should You Get A Hair Transplantation?

Why Should You Get A Hair Transplantation?

For a lot of people, it doesn’t matter you are men or a women nothing is more embarrassing and frustrating than hair loss. Hair loss and baldness can occur at a young age. Although there are several over the counter drugs available, most of them are ineffective, leaving people discouraged. Fortunately, cosmetic methods offer patients an exciting opportunity to restore hair growth effectively and it’s possible by the FUE hair transplant method. Meeraz clinic has a certified hair transplant surgeon and a well experienced medical team in Mumbai. This wonderful team understands the sensitivity of hair loss and strives to provide a high level of patient care.

Is hair Transplant Safe?

The answer is yes, hair transplantation is safe and a successful procedure for regaining your hair back. It has been observed worldwide that more than 90% of hair grafts that are planted are successful. The current generation is mostly affected by hair loss issues and thus question hair transplantation. Especially in IT hubs like Mumbai, which is one of the fastest growing IT cities in the world, the demand for hair transplantation in Mumbai is rising. The stress for people working in the IT industry deepen the cause of hair loss.

The Key To The Success Of Hair Transplant-

The success of FUE hair transplantation is frequently judged by the appearance of the patient’s hair after the transplantation has fully grown which normally takes six months to one year. The success of transplantation can best be judged by the customer as trying to meet the customer’s expectations is the primary objective of the surgeon. In the consultation process, when the patient first attends the hair transplant surgeon, they frequently ask how successful the procedure is and our response is that this depends on what the customer’s objectives are and the quality of the donor’s hair. 

The key to the success of hair transplants in Mumbai is twofold. First is the quantity of hair follicles available for transplantation and also the viability of the hair follicles. The second is down to the skill and experience of the hair transplant specialist in Mumbai and how and where the hair grafts are placed. But there is a certain limitation of the transplantation also and there is a certain case when your hair transplantation result will be not as per your expectation. Although we are describing some of the limitations, if you want to know detailed information about transplantation and its limitations, you should visit Meeraz clinic or book an appointment online.

What Is The Most Advanced Hair Transplantation?

FUE hair transplant in Mumbai is the most popular and successful transplantation method and it assures completely natural looks with real growing hairs. FUE is the most effective hair transplantation in the world. It’s safe and very few clinics are available in the world. Meeraz clinic is one of the best FUE hair transplant clinics in Mumbai.

Success Rate Of FUE Hair Transplantation-

However, the results of FUE hair transplants in Mumbai are much more successful than other transplantation techniques. Most of the leading hair transplant specialists in Mumbai report a transplant success rate of over 100%, making it one of the most influential and promising options for patients who are facing hair loss and thinning hair.

Why FUE Hair Transplant Is More Successful Than Other Techniques?

  • It Is Minimally Invasive-

However it is a minor intervention, performed in a single session without strict specific needs, it is considered minimally invasive, something that can be verified by the simple fact that the customer leaves the clinic shortly after completing the surgery.

  • Local Anesthesia Is Used-

This type of anaesthesia facilitates recovery and prompt walking home, as well as allowing the customer to be aware about how everything happens.

  • Scars are Invisible-

When an individual follicular extraction is practised with a very precise scalpel, the incision is minimum, so much so that the scar that remains when healed is invisible to the patient’s eye.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Mumbai-

Meeraz Clinic is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Mumbai, Main specialization is FUE hair transplantation, which is highly effective and successful than other treatments or FUT hair transplantation. We are located in Mumbai Andheri West.  With 20+ years of experience, free consultation, a highly dedicated and skilled medical team at an affordable price. For more information visit us today or book the consultation from our website. Successful FUE treatment of more than 75000+ customers, we have clients all over the world. You can see the results around 3-4 months.

Say Good-Bye To hair Loss and Yes to FUE Hair Transplant!

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