What is the hair transplantation success rate?

What is the hair transplantation success rate?

Almost every person who is suffering from hair loss and then they first want to know what is the success rate of hair transplantation. Obviously, hair transplantation is a costly and time taking process, so every man contemplating and wants to know about it. If you want to boost your confidence and look younger then go with a hair transplant. But everyone doesn’t want to invest their time, energy, and money in which they don’t know what is the percentage rate of the procedure.

Good news for those men who are looking for hair transplant surgery and the success rate of the process is 85 to 95%, which means implanted grafts easily grow in the transplanted area. This percentage indicates that the procedure of hair transplants is very successful.

The success rate of hair transplant

Generally, the success rate of hair transplants is 85 to 95%, but genuinely it can vary from doctor to doctor. The factors for the success rate include everything like the experience of the doctor, what are the tools they are using, what type of methods they are using, etc. A well-experienced doctor must be able to provide the best success rate.

What is the success percentage rate of the FUE transplant method?

For the FUE transplant, the success rate of between 95 to 98 percent, but in some cases 100%. It is advisable that the patient first need to discuss during the consultation process that how many follicular units must be required for the coverage. But, make sure the follicular units depend on the patient’s hair loss or baldness level.

The procedure of FUE is more intensive as every follicular unit must be removed from the donor site and then to be transplanted to the recipient’s site.

The success rate depends on multiple factors, these factors are as follows:

Depends on the patient’s age

The donor area of hair: Donor area available back on the scalp

High grade of baldness or Big Donor area

Depends on the strip hair transplant

Depends on the unreal expectations or Crown area

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