What happens during a hair transplant?

What happens during a hair transplant?

The hair transplant procedure depends on the condition of the patient’s scalp as well as current hair fall condition. In the process of hair transplant, the surgeon first needs to examine the scalp to find the exact root and cause of hair fall to give the proper treatment of hair loss. When the hair loss is in control then the surgeon will then examine the stage in which hair fall has happened. After the examination of hair fall, the patient then needs to have a discussion with your surgeon and he or she will decide how many hair roots you need to get the transplanted. The hair follicles can be taken from the patient’s beard. The complete procedure of hair transplant may take place in one session or can be done under a number of sessions.

What is the right place to get the hair transplant?

The procedure of hair fall starts happening after the particular age and there are multiple factors depends on this such as pollution, Environment, Stress, Unscheduled life, improper diet, etc. Only the right candidates can opt for the hair transplant:

If you are facing male pattern baldness

If a person wishes to increase hair density or hairlines on their head

If a person starts hair falling due to hereditary reasons

The cost of a hair transplant procedure

The hair transplant surgery depends on multiple factors like the pattern of baldness, the number of follicles transplanted, how many sessions will be required, and many other factors.

Results to be expected after the hair transplantation surgery

When the patient’s new hair has been grown then it can be fall again so that your hair can grow naturally in the particular root. The hair transplant procedure always provides long term and promising results. After the hair transplantation surgery, you will get natural-looking and healthy hair. The hair transplant surgery also help to enhance the overall looks and appearance of the person. People after the surgery will definitely feel the difference in density. And, it also boosts the self confidence of the person.

Side effects of the hair transplant

Meeraz clinic has a specialized team of staff so that they have to safest and secure treatment. Our doctors will provide anesthesia as they have to cut the skin and then take the hair transplant in the bald area. After the hair transplant surgery, patients need to follow the doctor’s instructions. There are no side effects of the hair transplant.

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