The Ideal Time In A Year For A Hair Transplant

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The Ideal Time In A Year For A Hair Transplant

Did you know what is the ideal time in a year to get a hair transplant?  Though you can get it done at any time in a year after a thorough discussion with your surgeon. You might be astonished to know that there are certain times of year that are more favorable than others. Choosing the right season to conduct your hair transplant surgery could prove to be beneficial, and help you experience rapid recovery and achieve better results. If you’re keen on learning how it really matters, here’s everything you need to know.

Hair Transplant in Spring/Summer Time

Generally, warm months are considered apt to get a hair transplant done. As summers are vacation time, you can easily take a break from your office work and let your scalp heal. But do experts also feel the same?  Although, there is nothing wrong in getting a hair treatment during summers but according to experts it isn’t the best time. It is not the right time in terms of recovery. During summers, we sweat a lot which can delay the healing process and make it a little complicated. Secondly, the sun is strong in this season and you’re advised not to expose your healing scalp to the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Winter is the Perfect Time for a Transplant

The best part about winters is less sweating and that helps to keep the scalp healthy and easier to manage. Even our style of living changes in winter. We prefer to stay indoors during this season and indulge less in outdoor activities like swimming, playing sports etc making the healing process a lot simpler. And by the time summer approaches, you will have new hair growth. Then, you can step outside confidently with changed appearance.

Ultimately, It’s Your Choice

Your decision to undergo a hair transplant surgery in a particular season will depend on a lot of external factors. But the final call is yours and if you can take good aftercare, the time you choose wouldn’t affect the healing process at all. It’s just that you’ve to be a little more careful in summers but if that suits you, go for it.

The most crucial thing here is to find the right surgeon. An experienced and trusted doctor from a reputed clinic is required to ensure your hair transplant is a success. Meeraz clinic is one of the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai with a successful and proven track record. Consult them now!

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