Top 5 False Facts on Hair Transplant You Must Know

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Top 5 False Facts on Hair Transplant You Must Know

Hair Transplant is increasingly becoming popular as a hair loss treatment showing amazing results. The first step on to this journey is to make a decision to go ahead with the operation for a life-changing experience. The process for deciding starts from the moment we see massive hair thinning making our scalp visible to the naked eye. When a person makes up his mind to get a hair transplant done, he or she will look for relevant information on the subject from various sources.

In today’s digital world, the easiest way to get information on any topic is through the internet. Internet is a powerful communication tool but unfortunately is filled with all sort of information from inaccurate shares. It is therefore recommended that one should look for information only from reliable sources. It is a fact that only people with the required medical qualifications can provide you with the right information.

Here in this blog, we will talk about 5 most common false facts on hair transplantation.

1. Hair Transplant is a temporary treatment

This is completely untrue that hair transplant is a temporary treatment. In fact, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant method offers a permanent solution. With FUE hair transplant procedures, the hair follicles are individually eliminated from the donor area of the scalp and implanted into the recipient’s bald region. Since the hair is taken is from the donor area which is a hair loss resistant area so the newly grown hair will have similar characteristics as that of the donor area.

2. Hair Transplant is only for men

This is the biggest myth; hair transplant is for both men and women. Women are equally suffering from hair loss problems but the only difference is the pattern of their hair loss. Women usually undergo hair transplant surgery to restore their front hairline and to improve hair density.

3. Hair Transplant procedures are painful

Traditionally, hair transplant procedures used to be painful but with the onset of FUE hair transplant method, there is very little or no pain. FUE is an advanced hair transplant method that has improved patient’s comfort largely. Moreover, the operation is performed under the influence of anaesthesia to make it a painless treatment.

4. Hair Transplant is not an affordable treatment

This statement is not true. The pricing for hair transplant procedures is ideally based on the number of implants to be done. So, if you’re at the initial stage of hair loss, the total cost would be less, whereas if you have very few hairs on your head, the pricing would be more in that case.  

5. Hair Transplant doesn’t give natural results

If you get your hair transplant surgery performed by a certified and experienced surgeon, you’re bound to get great, natural-looking results. Moreover, the success of the surgery depends a lot on the correct planning keeping in mind the patient’s goals and expectations. Apart from this, the hair quality of the patient and the density of hair in the donor area are two very important parameters affecting its naturalness

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