How many grafts are needed for a hair transplant?

How many grafts are needed for a hair transplant?

Many people search for this question like how many grafts are needed for the hair transplantation process. But, there is no actual answer available because hair transplantation will depend on the person’s requirements or baldness or hair loss. But, in this blog, we are trying to take you through some key factors which help to determine how many grafts a patient needed for each area. If you are looking for hair transplantation then can go with the FUE hair transplant graft calculator which can help you to get a better understanding of how many grafts a patient requires for better hair loss treatment.

What can be done in an average person

As we all know every person has a different lifestyle and different patterns of hair. According to the general patient’s need of grafts are as follows:

There are 6000 grafts available in an average patient’s in his donor area for hair transplantation.

The average size of the balding area in type 5 patients is 200 cm2. It is divided into two parts:

The front and half hairline which is needed100 Cm2

The crown and back half of the head is 100 Cm2

How determines number of grafts needed for the hair transplant?

The actual number of grafts for each patient will differ and depends on multiple factors:

Depends on the degree of thinning the patient has

The areas of baldness of patient would like addressed

The quality of hairlines depends on the donor area

The hair transplant of the technique used as FUE or FUT

Predicted on the future hair loss

Depends on budget

How many grafts are needed in an average hair transplant?

There is often a lot of misinformation out there regarding hair grafts and what the patient needs them. Hair does grow in single hair groupings but grows in groups of 1,2,3 and 4 hairs depending on the individual. This is why we at Meeraz clinic refers to as graft. Multiple patients are often confused and thinking that the same number of grafts will be needed for individual hairs. For example, 3000 grafts needed 3000 individual hairs.

In this case, a patient must have need more hair grafts than their donor area can supply pr not. It becomes very important for a patient that they must know the difference between how many grafts they need and how they can successfully extract and implant it.

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