Can Hair Transplant Provides Permanent Solution?

Can Hair Transplant Provides Permanent Solution?

Nowadays the demand for hair transplant procedures increasing globally, and it has become the most liked process for hair loss issues. We at Meeraz clinic serve hundreds of patients from all over India. We deliver our customers world-class hair transplant outcomes.

Hair Transplant Procedure

The procedure of hair transplant is performed by extracting the hair grafts from the donor area this transplanted hair at the recipient from the bald sites. The hair transplant process includes the patient’s hair from the specific areas of the patient’s body.

The procedure of hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure and it involves the following steps:

Patients must have to shave their head in the respective areas

Administration of the local anesthesia

Harvest the hair grafts from the donor area and place it on the recipient area

Take proper slitting of the recipient site for the hair transplantation

Hair transplantation of the hair grafts on the recipient’s site

Follow the instructions after the hair transplantation

Can hair transplant provide permanent results?

Day by day the Hair transplant process has gained a lot of popularity just because it offers the permanent solution to hair loss problems. If the whole procedure has been performed under the presence of an expert surgeon then it delivers the permanent solution for baldness issues. There are many other treatments available that offer to overcome hair loss issues but these treatments such as prosthetic hairs and wigs deliver temporary results. But the hair transplant is the only treatment that offers a permanent solution with a natural look.

How to ensure that hair transplant provides permanent outcomes?

There is no doubt that the hair transplant procedure provides permanent solutions but the process also depends on multiple factors. Some important factors of hair transplants are as follows:

Hair Damage- The procedure of hair transplant involves harvesting and transplanting & handling in very tiny hair follicles and the whole process should be done under the presence of experienced doctors. These hair follicles are under the novice hands this can give a negative impact on the hair transplant process. After the hair transplantation, you will notice the difference in hair damage.

Right Technique- To go with the right technique of hair transplant, people must need to know about hair transplantation techniques. There are two techniques available for hair transplant FTU, FUE. People should go with the FUE technique because it is less expensive as compared to FTU and FUE technique could provide hair grafts between 2000 to 2500.

Choose the Right Donor Area- People should be carefully decided on the donor area. The donor area should possess permanent roots.

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