5 Vital Steps for a Successful Hair Transplant Surgery

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5 Vital Steps for a Successful Hair Transplant Surgery

The popularity of hair transplant treatment has increased tremendously as it provides an ultimate solution for your hair concerns. Once the final decision has been taken to undergo hair transplant surgery. It is very important to understand what steps are essential for a successful hair transplant.

At Meeraz Clinic, our certified and expert surgeons have emphasized on the 5 vital steps for the best treatment and great results.

1. Right diagnosis and planning

Right planning is the key to successful hair treatment. And while planning the treatment, the most essential step is to determine the cause of your hair loss. Once that is determined, the planning should be done based on the patient’s future appearance and not current.  Also, the hairline of the patient should never be kept straight as it gives an artificial look.

 2. Extraction of follicles to be done carefully

This step is extremely important, the extraction of grafts should be done meticulously without causing them any damage. In FUE techniques, the grafts are extracted one by one and here the surgeon should practice due diligence. Moreover, to avoid any pitfalls or injury to the follicles the accurate orientation, correct angle, and the direction of every follicular unit should be pre-determined. If anything goes wrong during the procedure, it is impossible to proceed further.

3. Harvested grafts to be stored in good condition

For optimal results, the harvested grafts should be preserved in a storage solution at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. In FUE method, the extracted grafts can be preserved in the storage solution for a long time and that is the best part about them. Once all the hair follicles are extracted, then the implantation process is conducted. So, at Meeraz Clinic, our surgeons perform FUE method after eliminating all the hair follicles carefully without causing any damage to them.

4. Placement of Hair Follicles

It is another very crucial step as the final outcome of the hair transplant surgery will be largely dependent on how the grafts are placed. The angle, the direction and the alignment of the hair follicles during the implantation process should be done correctly for achieving successful and laudable hair results.

5. Good Hair Care

A person undergoing hair transplant surgery should follow certain guidelines given by the doctor to achieve desirable results. To maintain good hair health, it is extremely important to include nutritious food loaded with vitamins, minerals and proteins in your diet. Leave consumption of alcohol and smoking for some time as this will interfere with the healing process and delay the outcome.

At Meeraz Clinic, we perform FUE hair transplant surgery and our results are consistent and long-lasting. Consult us or visit our clinic for the best in class services and treatment.

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