Biofibre Hair Transplant

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Biofibre Hair Transplant

Biofibre is an effective and alternative hair transplant treatment for both men and women. Unlike FUE, a commonly used technique for hair transplant, Biofibre is recommended to those who may be bald or with very thin hair making harvesting from donor areas impossible. It is a complete synthetic substitute to human hair and at the same time compatible with the human body. The fibre used is flexible, strong and offers a permanent solution where popular hair transplant treatments are not feasible. Also, each fibre is created as per the hair type of patient so that it merges with the existing hair colour and gives a natural look. At Meeraz Clinic, we have a competent team of surgeons performing Biofibre Hair Transplant with precision delivering great, natural-looking results.

Ideal Candidates for Biofibre Hair Transplant)

  • People with hair fall issues
  • Excellent for those with very few hairs in the donor area
  • Perfect for people with total baldness
  • Ideal for people looking for instant results
  • Suitable to both men and women
  • People who desire higher hair density

Biofibre Hair Transplant Procedure

Biofibre is a minimally invasive solution to your hair loss and baldness problem. It is very much similar to the FUE hair transplant. Since fibres are implanted in the procedure which isn’t naturally occurring substance hence before starting the main procedure patient needs to undergo a small patch test.
This is also a painless procedure performed under the influence of local anaesthesia. In this process, the fibre is implanted individually into the affected area at a 45 degrees angle in the direction of the natural growth of hair on the scalp. Once the procedure is done, the implanted Biofibre will get fixed to the scalp in about 20-30 days.

At Meeraz Clinic, we are committed to delivering best-in-class services as per your expectations and goals. We are a one-stop destination for all your hair related woes and we take pride in consistently rendering 100% safe and efficient hair restoration solutions. Our expert surgeons will carefully scan your scalp, enquire about the relevant medical history and accordingly proceed with the most advanced treatment.

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