Skin Treatment

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatment uses laser rays to remove hair from unwanted areas of the body. In this process, the root of the hair is either removed or epilated using laser rays so the future growth of hair in the area can be reduced or stopped. In this process, high concentrated beams of light are beamed into hair follicles that weaken the root of the hair. Laser is an effective method to reduce hair growth with additional benefits of clearer, smoother and rejuvenated skin. Laser hair removal is recommended to people who do not like visiting saloon on regular basis for waxing or bleaching. This procedure also avoids the risk of allergies or itching and skin irritation arising due to saloon procedure.


● More effective than regular salon visits.
● Reduces the chances of allergies and skin rashes.
● Permanent solution to unwanted hair growth.
● Laser hair treatment provides precision over other methods of hair removal.


● People who have allergies to spa procedure.
● People who don't have time to visit spas/salons on a regular bases.
● People who have extreme hair growth.
● People with hair in unwanted areas.
● People who want cosmetic face touch up.