Hair Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow hair transplant as the name suggests is a process of implanting new hair strand in the eyebrow area. This process is similar to the process of hair transplant with the only notable difference being here is, the hair selected are single hairs and not roots or grafts with double and triple hair. The loss of hair in the eyebrow region may occur due to any kind of skin disease or due to any hormonal or genetic flaw. During implantation, the hair selection is according to the existing natural curve of the eyebrow. The donor hair is trimmed up to 3mm to confirm their direction of growth. The donor area for eyebrow transplant is generally selected from the back of the ear or scalp to get thin hair. The hair is then implanted as flat as possible to the skin, also maintaining the course of curvature of eyebrows. After implantation, the hair grows at the same rate as that of the eyebrow hair. The results of eyebrow transplant can be seen between 9-12 months.